Let’s talk about booking windows.

You can book your home resort 11 months from the check in date.  You can book any other resort that has availability at 7 months.  

The Use Year  (month you get your points), has nothing to do with when you can make your reservations.  Everyone has the 7 & 11 month booking window.

Ok, so you have 1 contract and want more points, who doesn’t? But what do I do?

How you intend on using your points will help you determine which way to go.  

If you intend to use your points for 1 reservation buy at the same resort!  In order to combine your points to make your reservation at 11 months you need to own at the same resort.  You don’t have to have the same use year but it must be the same resort. You would just transfer the points from 1 contract to the other (only transfer the number of points you need as you only get to transfer once a year).

What if I own at 2 resorts how can I use my points?

Let’s say you own at Poly & Beach Club how do you use those points?  At 11 months you can book 3 nights using your Poly points and 4 nights using your BC points.  This is called a split stay.  At 7 months you can see what is available and move the reservation around to try to stay at one resort.

Another option every other year you combine 2 years worth of points for a stay.  So 1 year you use 2 years of Poly points and book at 11 months, the next year you use 2 years of BC points and book at 11 months.  This gives you 2 home resorts, and 2 options at 11 months.

Remember you are looking at check in date, not use year!!

Do I need the same Use Year?

For every UY you get a new membership number, it has nothing to do with the resort.  You can have 3 contracts at the same resort but if 3 different UY’s you will have 3 different membership numbers.  They all show up on your dashboard and are all managed through the same MDE account.

I personally prefer multiple membership numbers.  For each membership number you have the ability to wait list 2 properties, you also have the ability to purchase 24 one time points from Disney each year.  In addition to these benefits if you have friends who live in the area or are at Disney but not on your reservation, for each membership number you can take 5 people in addition to yourself to Top of the World.