Buying resale or direct you are a DVC member!  Everyone has the same banking, borrowing & booking windows.  Everyone has a  deed. You are treated the same with member services.  

You have the same thing guaranteed in your contract that direct buyers have, your points.  Yes that is correct,  the ONLY thing guaranted by DVC is that you get your points every year.  Perks can be added, changed or completely taken away.

What you Do Get When You Buy Resales!

  • You have access to Top of the World at Bay Lake
  • You have the same expiration & maintenance as a direct buyer
  • You have the same booking windows as a direct buyer
  • You can pool hop to the allowable resorts
  • You get free DVD rentals
  • You have access to RCI (World largest timeshare exchange)

You also get savings buying resale that direct members do not receive!

There are a few benefits that you do not get when buying resale:

  • Annual Pass Discount (see how many days you need to go to break even)
  • Dining & Merchandise discounts (if you have the Disney Chase Visa or AP, you still have access to these discounts)
  • Access to the member events
  • Access to the lounge at Epcot (possibly closing end of 2018)
  • Use your points for cruising (not really a good use of points)
  • Disney hotels (also not a good use of points)
  • Concierge Collection
  • Adventures by Disney



Below is an estimated timeline for the closing process.  Please keep this handy for a reference guide throughout the process.

  • Closing takes an estimated 10-12 weeks
  • Hilton Head, Aulani and Grand Californian may take an additional  2-4 weeks as these are attorney states and not closed by a title company.
  • The title Company will send the contract to Disney.  Disney has 30 days to review.
  • Once it comes back from ROFR we have to wait on Disney to  send the waiver before the closing documents can be prepared.  This is sent US Postal service and can take 3-4 weeks after ROFR.
  • The title company sends out the closing documents, normally within 72 hours of receiving the waiver.
  • After ALL closing documents from the buyer and seller are received back, the final Point Activity Summary is ordered from Disney,  (3-5) business days. This stops all direct drafts for payments & dues for the seller.
  • The deed is then sent to the county for recording  this takes up to 72 hours if no holidays or weekends.
  • Once it is recorded the deed is sent back to the title company.  The title company sends it overnight to Disney.
  • Disney then has 3-4 weeks to upload your information and send your membership letter.  When you get the letter you will call them for an activation code.  If you are a current member the points will show up on your Dashboard in 10-14 business days.
  •  The sellers funds will be mailed 10-14 business days after Disney receives the recorded documents.  This allows sufficient time for property transfer.


Need help with financing? Disney has 2 approved lenders that will be able to help you.  

I highly recommend you check out financing BEFORE you submit an offer.

All Florida properties are financed by Monera  Monera does not pull credit and does not report to the credit bureau.  They will offer you 3 down payment options and 9 repayment terms, you choose what fits your families budget. As long as you have the down payment you are approved!

The lender for SC, CA & HI is Timeshare Lending.  Their guidelines change frequently, please check their website.

You can always get your own financing however, the property cannot be used as collateral and that is considered a cash deal.  

Financing is available to all US citizens and Canadian citizens who have a US bank account or  RCNB account. (This is only available through Monera for the Florida properties).