A resort is very personal and unique to each person.

Every resort has a different feel and atmosphere.  If you aren’t sure what is best for your family try renting points to experience the different resorts before you buy.  Spend a day visiting each resort, and see what fits.

Animal Kingdom

This resort is very different  and a lot of fun! Animals, everywhere you look.  At night they have night vision goggles to see the animals on the savanna.  You will also find ladies in the lobby playing bongo type drums and entertaining the kids.

There are 2 buildings Jambo  & Kadani.  Jambo has DVC rooms on the 5th floor only, the remainder of the resort is hotel guest.  Jambo has value rooms (18), club level (10) and studio, 1,2 & 3 bedroom villas.  All of the restaurants are located here except for Sanaa which is at Kidani (and has the bread service, yum!).  A great QS and 3 sit down restaurants that are all very unique. This resort has a very large pool and the lobby is amazing.

A short 10 minute walk or hop on the van that runs back and forth and you are at Kidani. This resort was built as a DVC resort and is all DVC (with the exception of the required minimum cash rooms).  The lobby is a smaller version of Jambo and has a smaller pool, but has a great kids splash pad! This is a more quaint resort and feels very homey.


Hopefully someday I will be able to write about this resort and give you my impression, but not today!

Bay Lake Tower

Bay Lake is part of the Contemporary Resort. This is the only resort you can walk to MK from.  

The studios here are a bit small but the villas are a nicer size.  The private DVC Club, Top of the World is located here, yes you can get in if you bought resale or direct.  Also remember there are no restaurants at BLT and you will need to go to the Contemporary for QS & sit down.

Beach Club & Boardwalk

I’m going to do these 2 together as they are side by side.  These are desirable resorts as you can walk to Epcot and HS. You can also sleep 5 in a studio.  Both very nice resorts with a beachy theme.

Lots of QS & TS here but you do have to go outside on the BW.  Just to name a few restaurants you have ESPN, The Flying Fish, Cap May, Beaches & Cream plus several more.  The BW pool has the clown pool while BC has one of the best pool on property. Storm Along Bay has a sandy bottom, walk in entry, great slide and the only lazy river other than the water parks! Parents this pool is VERY large and if your children vary in age and swimming ability it could be hard to keep up with them, also the children have to go outside on the BW to use the slide.

Boulder Ridge (Wilderness Lodge) & Copper Creek

I combined these because they are really the same resort and amenities.  WL or Boulder Ridge whatever you want to call it has all of the DVC rooms located in a separate building.  The building that has the check in desk used to be the hotel rooms but are now some WL hotel rooms, CC DVC rooms and CC cash rooms.    CC is the only DVC resort that does not allow 5 people in a 1 bedroom villa.

Nice pools here, great  sit down restaurant called Whispering Canyon, make sure to ask for ketchup!  QS is nice and has a variety of items. 

Grand Californian

I haven’t stayed here but I have explored the lobby and talk about amazing!!  This is a gorgeous resort and you walk into the back gate at California Adventure!

Grand Floridian

Here is where elegance comes into full play.  Beautiful large arrangements of fresh flowers everyday grace the lobby.

The DVC rooms are located in a separate building.  

Pools here are very nice with great splash pads for the kids!

The wedding pavilion is located here as well as every afternoon around 3:15 is there is a princess promenade where Cinderella & Prince Charming make an appearance.  You can find a full string band or someone playing the grand piano in the lobby.

Food?  Delicious, 1900 Park Square has a great buffet with the best characters in the parks (check it out).  GF Café, has a very nice brunch selection and the shrimp & grits for dinner are melt in your mouth.

Hilton Head

Here’s where I might get in trouble, I LOVED  HH!. I am from the south and lived in South Carolina low country for 6 years, this was like going back home for me.  The staff shows true southern hospitality as soon as you drive up in your car there is a staff member there to waive and welcome you home.

HH also has the highest CM reviews of all the DVC resorts.

All of the rooms are on the water but not on the beach.  The rooms are very spacious and comfortable, the resort is laid out well and everything in walking distance, except the beach.  There is a large pool a kids pool, hammocks to nap in, corn hole, life size checkers and much more, don’t forget to ask for your DVC discount.

So much to do here, dolphin cruise, pillow making, painting Disney characters, s’mores, games around the campfire, the list just goes on and on.  There is a minimal fee for these items but the staff works hard to keep you buys.

The beach is across the street about a mile.  There is a van that constantly goes back and forth. There is a large pool, activity center, QS restaurant and a bar & grill.  Sit back, have a drink and listen to the waves!

Old Key West

The original DVC resort!  Old Key West is the first and original resort.  These rooms are currently being refurbished and scheduled for completion late 2019.The main pool at the Hospitality House has a large slide and a sauna in the lighthouse.   There are 3 quiet pools throughout the resort.

This is the only DVC resort  that has 2 Queen beds in the studio. The villas are very large, the staff here is GREAT, and Olivia’s is one of the best TS restaurants on property.  The QS here isn’t so great but it’s a quick boat ride to DS.

The atmosphere is more condo like.

Please Note:  This resort only has 3 buildings that has elevators, so if stairs are a problem you need to request building 62, 63 or 64.


The Polynesian commonly called “The Poly” is an island themed resort.  These studios also sleep 5, however The Poly only has studios and the Bungalows.  There are 3 buildings that are DVC, Pago Pago, Tokelau & Moorea. I really like the Poly but found the drawer space is very limited, especially if you have 5 people in the room.

Very nice QS here and the TS is great. ‘Ohana is known for breakfast with Lilo & Stitch,  and make sure to stop by Capt Cook’s for the buffalo nachos. There is also a small bar where you can eat and is first come first serve.  

2  nice pools to help fight the Florida heat during the day. At night sit on the beach and enjoy the fireworks as the music is piped in!

If you are on an adult trip make sure to check out Trader Sam’s and try for that difficult to get Black Pearl, or enjoy a Lapu Lapu

Saratoga Springs

This is the largest DVC resort.  What some people don’t realize is that this is the most  centralized resort to all of the parks. This resort has 5 sections, Grand Stand, Carousel, The Paddock, Congress Park &  The Springs. There are 5 pools. A nice pool at the main building with a bar and grill at the Carriage House, and another pool with a bar and snacks at The Paddock, all other sections have quiet pools.  There is a very nice QS, and a hidden sit down called the Turf Club (great Prime Rib).

This is the closest resort to Disney Springs, only a boat ride, a 5 minuet walk or a quick bus ride. These rooms are scheduled for refurbishment in 2020 and will take 2+ years to complete.

Don’t forget to check out the Spa!

Vero Beach

Right on the Florida beach!  Rooms are spacious and staff was very nice.  I really didn’t see a theme to this resort. Parking here is a little chaotic.

The pool is nice, hammocks to relax in the shade, a comfortable outside bar to enjoy in the evening.

I didn’t like that if you wanted a chair on the beach, you had to pay for it.

Other Resort Information


Housekeeping is different using Disney Vacation Club points than when you pay nightly for a hotel room. 

Trash & Towel Service – For stays of seven or less nights, Trash & Towel Service is provided on day four. With Trash & Towel service, Housekeeping will: Empty trash and replace liners in trash bins, provide fresh bathroom linens, replace shampoo, facial soap and bath soap, replenish facial tissues, paper towels and toilet paper, replenish coffee, sugar, cream and sweeteners, replenish dishwashing liquid, dishwashing detergent, sponges and laundry detergent as needed in one-, two- and three-bedroom Vacation Homes. 

Full Cleaning Service – For stays of eight or more nights, Full-Cleaning Service is provided on day four and Trash & Towel Service is provided on day eight. After that, the cycle begins again on day 12. With Full-Cleaning service, Housekeeping will provide everything included with the Trash & Towel Service, plus: Change the bed linens, vacuum and dust, clean the bathroom(s), clean the kitchen/kitchenette and wash the dishes. 

You may also choose to pay for daily housekeeping or have additional towels etc. Check with the front desk for information and pricing. 

If you are not using Disney Vacation Club points and paying “cash” you will have daily housekeeping.

Maintenance / Expiration

Resort Annual Dues Expires
Animal Kingdom $6.76 2057
Aulani $7.54 2062
Aulani (Subsidized) $5.66 2062
Bay Lake Tower $5.92 2060
Beach Club Villas $6.44 2042
Boulder Ridge $6.93 2042
Boardwalk $6.55 2042
Copper Creek $7.26 2067
Grand Californian $5.88 2060
Grand Floridian $6.13 2064
Hilton Head Island $7.72 2042
Old Key West $6.72 2042
Polynesian Villas $6.20 2066
Saratoga Springs $5.86 2054
Vero Beach $8.53 2042

Room Sizes

Below is an ESTIMATED room size chart.

Disney Vacation Club villa sizes (square footage) by resort and room class:

  Deluxe Studio  |   One Bedroom  |   Two Bedroom  |   Grand Villa  
Animal Kingdom Villas* 316-366 629-807 1152 2201-2349
Aulani 356 755 1125 2174
Bay Lake Tower 339 803 1152 2044
Beach Club Villas 365 726 1083
BoardWalk Villas 359 712 1072 2142
Grand Californian 379 865 1257 2426
Grand Floridian 374 844 1232 2800
Hilton Head Island 455 865 1245 2363
Old Key West 390 942 1395 2375
Saratoga Springs 355 714 1075 2113
Vero Beach 360 880 1255 2128
Wilderness Lodge 356 727 1080

Animal Kingdom rooms vary in size  based on jambo/kidani value or regular rooms

Coffee Pot

ALL DVC rooms have full size Mr. Coffee (No Keuirg’s) with regular filters

Studio Amenities

Listed below are the typical amenities found in the Disney Vacation Club Studio Villas

The listing (and prices) are subject to change without notice!
Quantities are ONE unless noted


Beverage Glasses 4
Can Opener 
Coffee Maker 
Coffee Mugs 4
Dish Soap 
Dish Towel 
Ice Bucket 

Paper Bowls 4
Paper Plates 4
Plastic Forks 4
Plastic Knives 4
Plastic Spoons 4

Recycle Basket 
Waste Basket 
Sugar Basket 


Graco Pack n Play w/Sheet
Hanger Regular 10
Hanger Skirt 4
Ironing Board
Luggage Rack
Vacuum Cleaner

Items Available Upon Request and Based on Availability

Bed Rails
Decaf Coffee
High Chair
Voltage Converter

Also included intially: Facial and Bath Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel.
Towels for Number of Registered Guests.


The listing (and prices) are subject to change without notice!
Quantities are ONE unless noted

Villa Amenities

Listed below are the typical amenities found in the
Disney Vacation Club One, Two & Three Bedroom Villas

The listing (and prices) are subject to change without notice!
Quantities are ONE unless noted



Beverage Glasses 8
Broiler Pan 
Cereal Bowls 8
Coffee Maker 
Coffee Mugs 8
Cookie Sheet
Cookware Set 11 piece
Covered 2 Quart Casserole
Creamer/Sugar Bowl Set
Cutting Board
Dinner Plates 8
Dish Drainer
Dish Towel
Dish Detergent
Dishwashing Soap
Ice Bucket
Juice Glasses 8
Measuring Cup
Mixing Bowl – 3 piece set
Oblong 3 Quart Dish
Pot Holders 2
Recycle Basket
Salad Bowl
Salad Plates 8
Storage Containers 3
Tea Kettle
Vegetable Bowl
Wine Glasses 8

Kitchen Drawers

Bottle Opener
Bread Knife
Can Opener
Cutlery Tray
Dinner Forks 8
Dinner Knives 8
Measuring Spoon set
Paring Knife
Roaster Slicer
Salad Forks 8
Serving Fork
Slotted Spoon
Serving Spoon
Soup Ladle
Soup Spoons 8
Steak Knives 8
Tablespoons 2
Teaspoons 8
Tongs 1
Vegetable Peeler

Bedroom Closet

Blankets 2
Graco Pack n Play with Sheet
Hangers Regular 10
Hangers Skirt 4
Iron and Ironing Board
Laundry Basket
Pillows 2
Vacuum Cleaner 


Laundry Area

Dust Pan
Laundry Soap

Items Available Upon Request and Based on Availability

Bed Rails
Decaf Coffee
Electric Mixer 
High Chair
Salt and Pepper
Voltage Converter

Also included initially: Facial and Bath Soap, Shampoo, 
Conditioner, Shower Gel.
Towels for Number of Registered Guests.